Cyberware List #1


Example: the two letter code following the enhancement is used to identify the enhancement on a character sheet. For example Cyberoptic (IE, TA, ME, MV) would mean a Cyberoptic with Image Enhancement, Targeting Scope, Micro optics and Micro Video recording).

Cyberware Surg. ID Code Description Cost H.Loss
Biomonitor (N) (BIO) +2 to Resist Torture & Drugs 100 1
Skinwatch (N) (SWTC) Subdermal timepiece 50 1
Light Tattoo (N) (LT) Decorative tattoo 1-20 0.5
Shift-tacts (N) (SHF) Color changing contact lenses 1-200 0.5
ChemSkins (N) (CSK) Color/pattern changing skin tints 200 1D6/2
Synthskins (N) (SYN) Color/pattern changing artificial skin 400 1D6
Techhair (M) (TEH) Color/light emitting artificial hair 1-200 2
Kerenzikov Boosterware (N) (RFB) Adds +1 to Initiative rolls for every level bought. 500 1D6/2D6
Speedware (Sandevistan) (N) (SW) Adds +3 to Initiative rolls for 5 turns. 1600 1D6/2
Tactile Boost (N) (TB) Increased sensitivity +2 on any touch Awareness check. 100 2
Olfactory Boost (N) (OLF) Increase Awareness via smell by +2 Allows scent tracking. 100 2
Pain Editor (N) (TE) Tunes out hot, cold, pain. 200 2D6
Cybermoden Link (N) (PE) Allows direct connection to a cybermodem. 100 1pt
Vehicle Link (N) (VLNK) For direct vehicle operation only. 100 3
Smartgun Link (N) (WLNK) For direct smartweapon operation only. 100 2
Machine/Tech Link (N) (MLNK) Allows control of autofactories, large & small machines. 100 2
DataTerm Link (N) (DLNK) Allows downloading from DataTerms to internal memory. 100 2
Interface plugs (M) (PLG) Allows direct connection to smart weapons, vehicles. 200 1D6/pair
Reflex Chips - (APTR) Chips reflex based skills Tech Skills requiring manipulation. varies 0
Memory Chips - (MRAM) Chips INT and other cognitive skills databases. varies 0
Chipware Socket (N) - Allows up to 10 chips to be loaded. 200 1D6/2
Nasal Filters (M) (NF) Stops toxic gases, fumes 70% effective. 60 2
Gill (MA) (GL) Water breathing system, good for 4 hours. 400 3D6
Impendent Air Supply (MA) (IA) Good for 25 minutes. 300 2D6
Mr. Studd Sexual Implant (MA) (MS) All night, every night. And she'll never know. 300 2D6
Contraceptive Implant (M) (CI) Good for 5 years. 98% effective. 100 0.5
Subdermal Pocket (M) (PKT) 2"x4" space with Realskinn zipper. 200 2D6
Adrenal Booster (M) (ADB) Boosts REF by +1 for 1D6+2 turns, 3x per day. 400 2D6
Subdermal Armor (CR) (SDA) Armors torso to SP 18. 1,200 2D6
Motion Detector (M) (MD) Detects motion in a 20sq/m area. 70% effectiveness. 200 2D6
Digital Recorder (M) (DGR) 2 hrs storage from any digital source. 200 2pts
Audio/Video Tape Recorder (M) (AVR) 2 hrs storage from video, audio links. 300 2
Radar Sensor (M) (RA) 100 m range radar. Must have cyberoptic 70% effective. 200 2
Sonar Implant (M) (SN) 50 m range sonar. For water only. 70% effective. 300 2
Radiation Detector (M) (RAD) 10 m range. 80% detection effectiveness. 200 2
Chemical Analyser (M) (CH) 5 m range. 70% effectiveness. 200 2
Voice Synthesizer (M) (VS) Can mimic any recorded sound (60%), up to 10 sounds. 600 1D6
AudioVox (M) (LS) Vocal synthesizer for special effects +2 to Performance. 700 2D6
Grafted Muscle (MA) (GR) Up to +2 increase to Body Type 1000/pt 2D6
Muscle and Bone Lace (N) (MBL) Raises Body Type by +2 1,500 1D6/2
Skin Weave (N) (SKW) Armors body to SP 12 2,000 2D6
Enhanced Antibodies (N) (EA) Improve Healing by +1 points per day 3,000 1D6/2
Toxin Binders (N) (TBN) Improve Poison, Drug Saves by +4 3,000 1D6/2
Nanosurgeons (N) (NSR) Doubles healing rate 6,000 1D6/2
Scratchers (N) (SCR) Body Weapon (hands). 1D6/2 damage 100 2D6
Implanted Fangs (Vampires) (N) (VAM) Body Weapon (mouth) 1D6/3 damage 200 3D6
Rippers (M) (RIP) Body Weapon (hands) 1D6+3 damage (AP = knife) 400 3D6
Wolvers (M) (WLV) Body Weapon (hands) 3D6 damage (AP = knife) 600 3D6+1
Big Knucks (M) (BGN) Body Weapon (hands) 1D6+2 damage 500 3D6
Slice N'Dice (M) (SND) Body Weapon (hands) 2D6 damage 700 3D6
Cybersnake (MA) (CSN) Cyberweapon, self controlling 1D6 damage 1,200 4D6
CYBEROPTIC (MA) - BASIC EYE MODULE (add up to 4 options per eye) 500ea 2D6 each
Color Shift (N) (CF) Allows color changes, special fashion effects 300 0.5
Image Enhancement (N) (IE) +2 Awareness when using visual search 300 1
Targeting Scope (N) (TA) +1 on all smartgun attacks 400 2
Times Square Marquee (N) (TS) LED Screen in vision field for messages 300 1
Teleoptics (N) (TE) Telescope ability to 20x 150 0.5
Micro-optics (N) (ME) Microscope 150 0.5
Anti Dazzle (N) (AD) Immune to flash, laser blinding 200 0.5
Low Lite (N) (LL) See in dim light almost total darkness 200 0.5
Thermograph sensor (N) (TH) See heat patterns, temperature readings 200 1
Infrared (N) (IR) See in total darkness, using heat emissions 200 1
Ultra Violet (N) (UV) See in darkness, using UV flash 200 1
MicroVideo Optic (N) (MV) Video record up to 20 min (takes 2 option spaces) 300 0.5
Digital Camera (N) (DC) Digital Camera, shoots up to 20 images (as 2 options) 300 0.5
Dartgun (N) (DE) Poison weapon (takes 3 option spaces). Holds 1 dart 200 2



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