Bioware is anything which is primarily low impact technology that is designed along biological rather than me chanical lines.

Most bioware enhancements involve the use of nonotechnology tiny machines the size of microbes, which can perform surgical tasks on the cellular level. These "nanoids" are injected into the area to be affected, along with a supply of the raw materials needed to perform their jobs (for example, long string polymers which can be woven by the nanoids into a type of Subdermal armor called skinweave). Powered by body heat and nutnent chemicals, these tiny machines quietly go about their business, strengthening muscles and altering body chemistry.

Grafted Muscle: This is vat-grown muscle grafted onto your own, with healing. With this modification, you may increase your Body Type stat up to 2 points, paying 1000 eb per point. It can be combined with Muscle/Bone Lace.

Muscle & Bone Lace: Also known as viral transformation, this enhancement involves two types of nanoids. The first type threads synthetic muscle through the natural muscle fibers anchoring and strengthening them. The second type wraps the bones in a tight weave of metal and plastic threads, making them stronger and thicker. The result is an increase of +2 to the character's Body Type stat. This increase is both in strength and the ability to absorb physical damage. This enhancement is virtually indetectable and takes about two weeks (Body Type increases by 1 each week).

Skin Weave: This enhancement uses nanoids to weave the top three layers of skin with a dense polymer thread. The result is a bare skin SP of 12 equivalent to light body armor. The process is relatively discreet (a DIFFICULT Awareness check to notice) and takes about two weeks (SP increases by 6 each week).

Enhanced Antibodies: These are tailored antibodies capable of attacking the most powerful viruses in game play they double the rate of healing.

Toxin Binders: These are nanoids designed to bond with body toxins and poisons. This enhancement adds +4 to all poison saves.

Nanosurgeons: These are microscopic machines adapted to surgical repair. Some seal off damaged blood vessels, while others repair damaged tissue cartilage and bone with polymer microstiches. This enhancement doubles normal healing time.

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