A combination of digital processor and camera, cyberoptics are replacements for normal eyes. Cybervision is just like regular vision, only better. Colors are brighter, images sharper. And that's just the start.

Want to see life as a 30's black and white movie? No problem. Telescopic or microscopic vision? Optional. Infrared and low light vision? Standard for Solos.

Cyberoptics can look exactly like normal eyes, although a wide variety of fashion iris colors are available (amber, white, burgundy and violet are very popular). Some versions are transparent, with glitter or lights swirling inside of them. Other are superchromed for a more "cyber" look. Others can change eye color at will or to match clothes and surroundings. Some even have tiny designer logos around the iris. Cyberoptics with cameras or weapons usually load from the front, with the iris opening up when the front of the eye is depressed.

Color Shift: These cyberoptics can shift color or iris pattern on demand. A full color shift takes about a minute. Mirrored, transparent, glitter tilted or lighted versions are also available.

Infrared: Allows user to see in near total darkness, using heat emissions for image reception.

Times Square Marquee: Scrolling red-letter screen in upper edge of vision, linked to either a software chip readout or a radio link.

Targeting Scope: This projects a targeting sight into the field of vision at will. The targeting scope will read range to specific objects, speed of movement, bearing and size, as well as providing several types of scope reticle for aligning weapons. When chipped into a smartgun, the scope will match the targeting sensors of the gun with what you are looking at, then flash a "ready signal" when the target is acquired. In game terms, this option allows you to add +1 only to smartgun attacks.

Anti-dazzle protection: Auto stepdown compensates for harsh sunlight, flares, etc., neutralizing effects from strobes, flashbombs and bright headlights. Never need sunglasses again.

Low-Lite: Allows user to see clearly in dim fight conditions, down to very faint moonlight or distant street lamps.

Image Enhancement: High-res graphics capability allows user to enhance and refine images viewed. When activated, increases Awareness skill by +2, allowing user to pick up visual cues in greater detail.

Thermograph Sensor: Allows user to see heat patterns of objects, people. Cooler things show up as dark to light blue, hotter things as red or orange, and the hottest of all as yellow or white. Used to distinguish differing heat sources through lights structural material, or the presence of cybernetics (which are always cooler than normal body temperatures). Can also determine the operating time of certain machinery by measuring its cooling gradient.

Dartgun: One shot dartgun. Range of 1 meter, +2 WA. Poison dart will penetrate up to SP6 automatically. SP8 50% chance, soft armors only. Takes 3 spaces.

Micro-Optics: This is the equivalent of a laboratory microscope, allowing the user to see microscopic images, such as fingerprints, scratches on locks, etc.

Teleoptics: This is the equivalent of a 20x power telescope, allowing the user to see distant objects clearly.

Ultra Violet: This system allows the user to perceive images irradiated by ultraviolet light, or to detect florescent powders or tracing agents, or to use ultraviolet flashlights (indetectable by normal optics) for illumination.

MicroVideo: This is a cyberoptic mounted video camera which records its view on an internal video tape (20min). This recorder can also be downloaded through interface plugs to an external source. Takes up two option spaces.

Digital Camera: This cyberoptic mounted camera takes up two option spaces. Up to 20 images can be recorded on the built-in digital chip and downloaded through interface cables to an external recorder, internal recorder, or an internal LCD screen. As new pictures are taken, the previous ones are erased.

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