Surgery Codes


Each type of cyberwear has a Surgery Code. This code represents the minimum level of medical care required to install the cyberwear, the length of surgical time required, the cost of the surgery, the damage taken in surgery and the Difficulty of the installation procedure.

Required: Mall clinic or other drop-in bodyshop.
Surgical Time: 1 hr.
Surgical Damage: 1 point
Surgical Costs: Included with installation.
DIFF = Easy (10)

Required: Medical center or Ripperdoc clinic.
Surgical Time: 2hrs.
Surgical Damage: 1D6+1
Surgical Costs: 500eb
DIFF = Simple (15).

Required: Full hospital with surgery center.
Surgical Time: 4 hrs.
Surgical Damage: 2D6+1
Surgical Costs: 1,500eb
DIFF = Trained (20)

Required: Full hospital surgery center.
Surgical Time: 6 hrs.
Surgical Damage: 3D6+1
Surgical Costs: 2,500eb
DIFF = Difficult (25)

For more on healing times and surgery and other information, see the Trauma Team section.

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