Cybertechnology can be purchased almost anywhere. Some of the medical procedures are simple, walk-in types of surgery, with minor installations taking place in shopping mall clinics (Bodyshoppe, Fashion/Fusion, and Parts N'Programms are three popular chain stores) or drop in medical centers (Docs R Us ). These installations are much like getting your ears pierced, circa 1980. You can even have upgrades and improvements plugged into the old hardware for the cost of the new parts, allowing you to start small (called stripped or economy) and add as you go.

What can't be bought openly are the types of cyberware known as Black-market Cybertech. These items can only be purchased through criminal contacts on the Street, and installed by high priced, underground medtechs known as Ripperdocs. Black-market cybertech is often dangerous, badly installed, and always expensive. But hey, we're all big kids here, and besides, you know what to do to a Ripperdoc who messes around with you, right?

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