There's one way to hang out over the Edge and still keep it wired, and that's therapy. The C-SWAT drags you in, screaming and tearing at the walls, and straps you down to a heavy metal psychatrist's couch. Probes deactivate your cybersystems one by one, while the shrink jacks your rabid psyche into the braindance. Then begins the long, arduous process of disassembling your brain and reconstructing it in a more socially acceptable form. One that doesn't get its kicks out of eating dead bodies, for example.

Cyberpsychologists (Psychoshrinks) use combinations of braindance simulation, drugs, hypnotics, psychosurgery and aversion therapy to reconstruct damaged personalities. Once all cybernetics are removed or deactivated, the character will recover two points of EMP for every week of therapy attended.

For example: Savage is dragged into Dr. Risk's office with a HC total of -3. It will take at least five weeks of therapy before Savage will be bock to his original Empathy of 6.

Now you know. Walk carefully. Guard your mind.

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