The first thing your cyberpunk is gonna want is some weapons (weapons can get you out of a bad situation a lot faster than a great stereo). Cyberpunk weapons break into seven types:

Pistols (P) are any type of single shot (or semiautomatic) weapon which may be accurately fired with one hand.

Submachineguns (SMG) are any type of weapon which may fire either automatically or semi automatically, using only pistol ammunition.

Shotguns (SHG) are any weapon which fires pellets or other small particles instead of a solid slug.

Rifles (RIF) include assault rifles, carbines, and fully automatic rifles. These weapons always fire rifle type ammunition.

Heavy Weapons (HVY) include missiles, grenades, heavy cannon, etc.

Melee Weapons (MELEE) include swords, daggers, knives, martial arts weapons, polearms, etc.

Exotic Weapons (EX); these are bows. lasers, flechette pistols, airguns and microwave weapons - the real "sci-fi" weapons of the Cyberpunk universe.


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