In most cases, encumbrance isn't a big problem for a Cyberpunk character - he's going to keep the majority of his gear in his apartment or his car. A Cyberpunk character can carry around as much in kilograms as the number of points invested in his Body Type stat, multiplied by 10. He can deadlift 40 times his Body Type stat.

Example: I have spent 6 points to get an Average Body Type. I con carry up to 60 kilograms; roughly 132 Ibs. I can deadlift 240 kg - about 528 Ibs.

Rather than list exact weights of everything you could possibly want to carry, we have arranged a simpler system of classification. The following weight groups are more useful to the Referee who must make a general determination of how much a player can carry.

0.5 kilos or less
1 box of ammo cellular phone personal stereo pocket computer cybermodem interface cables pocket TV Digital camera Small recorder flashlight binocu-lars Swiss Army knife article of clothing fighting knife switchblade mirrorshades Light pistol nylon carrybag Kevlar helmet.

1 Kilo or less
Medium to Heavy handgun sleeping bag radio/chip player video camera toolkit medical kit laptop computer armor vest/T-shirt.

3 Kilos
Submachine gun Very Heavy Pistol electric guitar drum synthesizer inflatable bed Light to Medium assault rifle Shotgun Armor jacket Kevlar flack pants or vest.

4 Kilos
Electric keyboard amplifier Heavy as-sault rifle.


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