Starting Funds


So how much do you start with? Well, that depends on your job.

A job? Yeah, even in the Dark Future, ya gotta pay the bills, chombatta. And you want a job, because it's a real short slip between being able to eat Realpack and fresh veggies, and being reduced to eating kibble and living in a filthy flop-cube.

How good a job you cur-rently have is based on the level of your Special Abil-ity. For example, a Rocker with a Charismatic Leadership of 2 isn't gonna draw crowds like Kerry Eurodyne (a hot megarocker). This means he'll be reduced to playing gigs wherever he can get them; sleazoid dives, bar-mitz-vahs, weddings, bar fights; you name it.

Take a quick jump to the Occupation Table. Find your Role (or the role closest to it), cross reference it to your current Special Ability level, and that'll give you a monthly salary. Multiply this amount by a 1D6/3 to determine the number of months you've currently been employed, and that gives you the total amount of cash your character starts with.

Exactly how you earn your euro is up to you; the categories are deliberately vague to give you plenty of roleplaying room. Maybe as "Level 7" Solo, you don' t want to work for a Corporation; no problem. It's only a general description of where you fit on the Solo hierarchy. For all we know, you work on an extraction team for Amnesty International.

One last thing. Roll one more D6. if you roll higher than a four, you just got unem-ployed.

Congratulations. Betcha can taste that kibble already.


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