Weapon Codes


Each weapon is represented by certain characteristics, such as its type, damage, range, accuracy, concealability, availability and cost. These factors are recorded as a weapon code - a profile of the weapon in order of:

Name Type Accuracy Concealability Availability Damage/Ammunition Number of Shots Rate of Fire Reliability

For an example, a weapon with the code:
Minami 10 o SMG o 0 o J o E o 2D6+3/10mm o 40 o 20 o VR would be an Accurate (1) Minami 10 Submachinegun (SMG) which can be hidden under a jacket (J), with excellent availability (E), fires 10mm ammunition, has a 40 shot clip, can fire up to 20 rounds per combat round on full auto, and is very reliable. Descriptions of Weapon Codes follow:

Accuracy: This is how good the weapon really is. Weapons are rated from -3 to +3 on accuracy, with 0 being an average level of accuracy.

Concealability: How easily they can be hidden until needed (an important factor in combat weapons). A smart combat gunner doesn't want to walk into a bar with a shotgun protruding from underneath his coat - it's going to cause trouble. He also needs to be able to carry "holdouts" in the event of capture or disarmament.

Pocket, Pants Leg or Sleeve (P)
Jacket, Coat or Shoulder Rig (J)
Long Coat (L)
Can't be Hidden (N)

Availability: This is how difficult the weapon is to find on the open market.

Excellent (E)
Can be found almost anywhere.  
Common (C)
Can be found in most sports & gun stores or on the Street.  
Poor (P)
Specialty weapons, black market, stolen military.  
Rare (R)
Stolen, one of a kind, special military issue, may be highly illegal.  

Damage/Ammunition: Each weapon is rated as to the type of ammunition it carries, and the damage of that ammunition (in numbers of dice thrown).

Number of Shots: This is how many shots are held in the standard clip, magazine or quiver for the weapon type.

Rate of Fire: This is how many shots the weapon can fire in a single combat round (3.2 seconds).

Reliability: This is how reliable the weapon is in combat - its chance of jamming while on autofire, etc.

Very Reliable (VR)
Standard (ST)
Unreliable (UR)



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