"I remember she told me she was born in Miami, about 2004 or so... She was pretty sure, because she could still remember what it'd been like when the Euros rocked Washington and the near miss took out Tampa..."

"She had these incredible blue eyes; clear through and through, like crystals of Lace, and a smile from a magazine dream. 'Course, the eyes were Teknics 2350's, and the smile really was from magazine - nice bioscult job. It didn't matter how much was real in the end. I still fell hard for her. I'm that type".

- Johnny Silverhand

It's like climbing out of the clone vat.

You got this half-formed person standing there, dripping with smile. You got some stats, maybe an vague idea of where you're going with the character, but nothing else.

So how do you take this Blank and make him really Cyberpunk?

You start the Lifepath. Lifepath is a flowchart of "plot complications", designed to help you give your Cyberpunk character an authentically dark future background. Its seven sections cover national and ethnic origins, your family, friend, enemies, personal habits and even key events on a yearly basis. It's intended primarily as a guide; if you encounter something you don't think fits the character you've envisioned, feel free to change the path as you see fit. Use the back of your Hardcopy sheet to record your Lifepath. Remember; Cyberpunk hinges on role-playing, so make use of the information in your Lifepath run. It's a guaranteed adventure generator!

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