Origins and Personal Style


What do you look like and where do you come from?


In Cyberpunk, what you look like is what you are. Fashion is action, and style is everything. Roll 1D10 three times (once per column) to decide what your style is.

Die Roll Clothes Hairstyle Affectations
1 Biker leathers Mohawk Tatoos
2 Blue jeans Long & Ratty Mirrorshades
3 Corporate Suits Short & Spiked Ritual Scars
4 Jumpsuits Wild & all over Spiked gloves
5 Miniskirts Bald Nose Rings
6 High Fashion Striped Earrings
7 Cammos Tinted Long fingernails
8 Normal clothes Neat, short Spike heeled boots
9 Nude Short, culry Weird Contact Lenses
10 Bag Lady chic Long, straight Fingerless gloves


The Cyberpunk world is multi-cultural and multinational. Where you come from determines your native language, custom and allegiances. Choose or roll one of nationality, then choose a native tongue from the options listed for ethnic type. This is your native language, which you speak at +8. In addition, you also automatically know streetslang, a universal polyglot of English, French, German, Japanese and half dozen other languages:

  Origin Languages
1 Anglo-American English
2 African Bantu, Fante, Kongo, Ashanti, Zulu, Swahili
3 Japanese/Korean Japanese or Korean
4 Central European/Soviet Bulgarian, Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, Slovak
5 Pacific Islander Micronesian, Tagalog, Polynesian, Malayan, Sudanese, Indonesian, Hawaiian
6 Chinese/Southeast Asian Burmese, Cantonese, Mandarin, Thai, Tibetan, Vietnamese
7 Black American English, Blackfolk
8 Hispanic American Spanish, English
9 Central/South American Spanish, Portuguese
10 European French, German, English, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish
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