Fast and Dirty Expendables


As you'll soon realize, the Cyberpunk character generation system is designed to give you a lot of flexibility. You can tailor the character the way you want it, with lots of personal touches all through the process.

But when you need to generate a horde of faceless boostergangers, you're not going to want to invest this kind of time and energy. Instead, you'll need something fast and easy to help you create endless supplies of baddies be mowed down like chaff by your player character.

The five step FAST CHARACTER SYSTEM below allows you to generate a large supply of faceless guards, killers, corps and bad guys on demand. A quick run through Lifepath can create a fast and dirty background to match your fast and dirty NPC's. So go ahead and waste 'em! We'll make more!

Step 1: Generate Stats
1) Roll 2D6 nine times, writing down each roll. If roll is 11 or greater, reroll that value. Place each number in one Stat until all Stats are filled.

Step 2: Pick a Role & Skills
1) Select a role for the character. Write its Career Skill Package in appropriate space, dividing 40 points between these skills.

2) If character is an advanced NPC, roll an additional 2D10 and distribute these points among 5 pickup skills.

Step 3: Pick Cyberware
Roll 1D10. Solos roll 6 times. All others roll 3 times. If duplicate rolls, reroll.

1) Cyberoptics (roll 1D6 for type)
1 Infrared
2 Lowlight
3 Camera
4 Dartgun
5 Antidazzle
6 Targeting scope

2) Cyberarm with gun (Roll 1D6 for type)
1 Med. Pistol
2 Light Pistol
3 Med. Pistol
4 Light Submachiengun
5 Very Heavy Pistol
6 Heavy Pistol

3) Cyberaudio (Roll 1D6 for type)
1 Wearman tm
2 Radio Splice
3 Phone Link
4 Amplified Hearing
5 Sound Editing
6 Digital Recording Link

4) Big Knucks
5) Rippers
6) Vampires
7) Slice n'dice
8) Reflex boost (Kerenzikov)
9) Reflex Boost (Sandevistan)
10) Nothing

Step 4: Armor & Weapons
Roll 1D10, adding modifier below:




1 Heavy Leather Knife
2 Armor Vest Light Pistol
3 Light Armor Jacket Medium Pistol
4 Light Armor Jacket Heavy Pistol
5 Medium. Armor Jacket Heavy Pistol
6 Medium Armor Jacket Light SMG
7 Medium Armor Jacket Light Assault Riffle
8 Heavy Armor Jacket Medium Assault Riffle
9 Heavy Armor Jacket Heavy Assault Riffle
+10 Metal Gear Heavy Assault Riffle

Rockers, Corps, Netrunners, Fixers, Techies: add 0 roll.
Nomads, Cops: add +2 to roll.
Solos: add +3 to roll.

Step 5: Write it down
Fill out an NPC (Non-player Character) sheet.

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