Each Cyberpunk character has nine Statistics - values representing the level of native ability of the character in specific areas of activity. These Stats are rated from two to ten, with two worst possible, ten being the best possible, and the average falling at about five or six. Divide your total number of Character Points between each of your nine Stats, adjusting the amounts in each one as you thing best describes the character's natural abilities. No Statistic may be less than two or greater than ten.

Intelligence (INT):
This is a measure of your problem solving ability; figuring out problems, noticing things, remembering information. Almost every character type will need a high intelligence, with Netrunnes and Corporates requiring the highest of all.

Reflexes (REF):
This is a combined index, covering not only your basic dexterity, but also how your level of physical coordination will affect feats of driving, piloting, fighting and athletics. Characters who intend to engage in great deal of combat (such as Solos, Nomads, Rockerboys) should always invest in the highest possible Reflex.

Cool (CL):
This index measures how well the character stands up to stress, pressure, physical pain and/or torture. In determining your willingness to fight on despite wounds or your fighting ability under fire, Cool (CL) is essential. It is also the measure of how "together" your character is and how tough he appears to others. Rockerboys and Fixers should always have a high Cool with Solos and Nomads having the highest of all.

Technical Ability (TECH):
This is an index of how well you relate to hardware and other technically oriented things. In Cyberpunk, the ability to use and repair technology is of paramount impotence - TECH will be the Stat used when fxing, repairing and attempting to use unfamiliar tech. While all character should have a descent Tech Stat, potential Techies should always opt for the highest possible score in this area.

Luck (LK):
This is the intangible "something" that throws the balance of events into your favor. Your luck represents how many points you may use each game to influence the outcome of critical event. To use Luck, you may add any or all the points of luck a character has to a critical die roll (declaring your inetntion to use Luck before the roll is made) until all of your Luck stat is used up. Luck is always restored at the end of each game session.

Attractiveness (ATT):
This is how good-looking you are. In Cyberpunk, it's not enough to be good - you have to look good while you're doing it (Attitude vs Everything). Attractiveness is especially impotent to Medias and Rockerboys, as being good-looking is part of their jobs.

Movement Allowance (MA):
This is index of how fast character can run (impotent in combat situations). The higher your Movement Allowance (MA), the more distance you can cover in turn.

RUN: To determine how far your character can run in a single combat round (@3.2 seconds) in meters, multiply your MA by 3. The character can run three times this distance in full 10 seconds turn. Write this in the RUN section of your Hardcopy Form.

LEAP: To determine how far your character can leap (from running start), divide your RUN by 4. Write this in the LEAP section of your Hardcopy Form.

This Stat represent how well you relate to other living things - a measure of charisma and sympathetic emotions. In a world of alienated, future-shocked survivors, the ability to be "human" can no longer be taken for granted. Empathy (EM) is critical when leading, convincing, seducing or perceiving emotional undercurrents. Empathy is also a measure of how close he/she is to the line between feeling human being and cold blooded cyber-monster.

This is a measure of the toll cybernetics takes on your ability to relate to other living things. Multiply your EMP by 10 to determine how many humanity points you have. Write the result in the box on your Hardcopy Form. Remember: for every 10 points of Humanity lost, you will automatically lose 1 point of EMP. This can have serious effect on any Empathy related Skills, as well as forcing you to the edge of cybernetic-induced psychosis.

Body Type (BT):
Strength, Endurance and Constitution are all based on the character's Body Type. Body Type determines how much damage you can take in wounds, how much you can lift or carry. How far you can throw, how well you recover from shock, and how much additional damage you cause with physical attacks. Body Type is important to all character types, but to Solos, Rockerboys and Nomads most of all.

Body Type & Points

2pts Very Weak
3-4pts Weak
5-7pts Average
8-9pts Strong
10pts Very Strong

You may carry up to 10x Body Type in kg. You may also dead lift 40 times your Body Type in kg.

Save Number
Your character's Save Number is a value equal to your Body Type. To make saves, you must roll a value on 1D10 equal or lower than this number. There are two types of saves in Cyberpunk:

Stun Saves: When you take damage in Cyberpunk, or have been exposed to knockout drugs, you will be required to make a Stunt Save. If you fail a Stunt Save, you will automatically be knocked out of combat and be unable to recover until you can make successful Stunt Save in a following combat turn. You may make one Save roll every turn until you succeed.

Death Saves: When you have been Mortally Wounded, or when you have encountered certain types of poisons, you will need to make a Save against Death. On a failed roll, you're Body Bank fodder.

Take a moment to find the Save box on your Hardcopy Form and fill it in.

Body Type Modifier (BTM)
Not all people take damage the same way. For example, it takes a lot more damage to stop Arnold The Terminator than it does Arnold The Nerd. This is reflected by the Body Type Modifier, a special bonus used by your character to reduce the effects of damage. The Body type modifier is subtracted from any damage your character takes in combat.

Body Type Modifier Table

Very Weak -0
Weak -1
Average -2
Strong -3
Very Strong -4
Superhuman* -5
Possible only with cybernetics

For example, say you took ten points of damage. If you were a Very Weak Body Type, you would take the full ten. But with a Very Strong Body Type, you'd only take (10-4=6) six points of damage.

Find the Body Type Modifier (BTM) box on your Hardcopy Form and fill it in. Remember; no matter how cybered up you get, make sure you're solid meat underneath.

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