Character Points


Character points are the cash of character creation - you use them to "buy" the various "mechanics" aspects of the character, like good looks, a strong, hard body, unshakable cool and street smarts (but not Skills). We've given you three ways to generate Character Points:

1) Random: Roll 9D10 and total them. You have this many Character Points.

2) Fast: Roll 1D10 for each stat (9 in all), rerolling scores of 2 or less. Place rolls in each stat as desired.

3) Cinematic: This option is for Referees only. As the designer of the adventure, the Referee has the option of choosing the number of points for each character based on its position in his or her game.

Major Hero 80pts
Major Supporting Char 70pts
Minor Hero 75pts
Minor Supporting Char 60pts
Average 50pts

Note: We could, at this point, warn prospective Referee about the various dodges their players will have for creating "supercharacters". But face it; if they want to create a mondo character, who are we to stop them? You'll all big boys and girls now, and if you, as Referee, think your players are getting way outa line, why not just go ahead and waste'em?

That's the Cyberpunk way.

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