The standard cyberdeck is about the size of a paperback book, is made of plastic and weighs about a half-kilogram. It has six plug in ports for adding extra options, as well as six output ports for jacking in other people (the owner of the deck, however, is the only one who can control it, making the other people only passengers).

This is the stock deck everyone starts off their Netrunning career with. Prices range from 500eb for a used model, up to 1000eb new. This is where your Referee can show a little mercy, by turning your character on to a cheap used deck.

For a price, of course...

Most cyberdecks are table models - jacked in and blind, a Netrunner isn't going to be going much of anywhere, right? However, technological breakthroughs have taken the deck off the table and put it on the Street:

Portable Decks: These decks have internal, rechargeable power packs good for up to 4 hours (recharge is 1 hour for every hour of battery power). All combat, cyberlimb and cellular decks are of this type. A portable deck costs 2000eb.

Cyberlimb Decks: These are portable decks about the size of a pack of cigarettes. They can be installed into a cyberlimb (phone connection cables are jacked between the limb and the phone lines). The deck itself is hardwired right into the body along with the controlling links for the cyberlimb. See Putting the Cyber into the Punk for prices.

This can be a very dangerous option - hardwired right in, it's impossible for your buddies to notice you frying and yank the cables on you. Instead, you just burn.

Combat Assault Decks: These decks are constructed of rugged ceramics and steel, capable of taking bullet hits and crash impacts (SP20). Most combat decks are designed to be portable, and have adapter cables which allow them to be plugged into any type of phone line. Around 3000 when available (a DIFFICULT Task).

Cellular Decks: These are portable decks designed to link up with a cellular phone net. They are very effective anywhere within a city, but are useless in rural areas (most have jacks for manual phone patches). A cellular deck has a 25% chance of losing cellular connection when used in a moving vehicle; a failed roll will automatically drop the Netrunner out of the Net. But it's a small price to pay for the high level of mobility offered by a cellular deck. A cellular deck costs 4000eb.

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