Built Ins


These are options which are constructed within the cyberlimb for specific tasks. Like most cyberweapons, they are designed for maximum concealability, and have a 60% chance of passing a casual inspection if covered with Realskinn or a suitably realistic covering.

Cybermodem: This option allows the user to carry a small (and very expensive) cybermodem with him at all times. The modem must be jacked into a DataTerm, computer or other telecommunications line in order to be used Power (for up to 3 hours) is provided by a rechargeable battery (recharges in 1 hour), or through an external power cord. Program chips are changed through an access port in the limb. The cybermodem is directly jacked into the nervous system through its own internal cables, and does not require external interface plugs.

Cellular Cybermodem: This very, very expensive version of a cybermodem allows the Netrunner to interface directly with the Net without a direct telecommunications link. A "CellCyb" can only be used in a major city (population greater than 100,000) where a cell net is present. If used while in a moving vehicle, there is a 25% chance each turn that the connection will be broken and need to be re-established in the next turn.

Digital Recorder: This unit can record input from internal microphones, digital recording links, digital cameras, or all three.

Audio/Video Tape Recorder: This unit uses microcassettes to store input from its internal microphone video cam or digital recording link.

Storage Space: This is a 2x2x6 inch storage space with a locking cover.

MiniCam: This is a small digital camera which pops up from a mount in the upper arm internal chip stores 20 images and can be easily changed.

MiniVid: A pop up video camera with mini cassettes that can store up to 4 hours of recorded images.

Hidden Holster: Leg only. A hidden storage space for holding one autopistol and 1 clip of extra ammo. The size of the leg (based on Body Type) limits the size of weapon which may be stored.

V. Weak to Weak Light Pistol
Average to Strong Medium Pistol
Very Strong Heavy Pistol
Very Strong Folding Shotgun (2sht, 1/2 range)

LCD Screen Readout: This 2"x4" TV screen can display color graphic images. It is normally covered with a transparent screen guard images can be taken from digital recorders, minivids and mirocams, and cyberoptics. A cable can be extended from an AUX port and plugged into any standard interface plug to transfer images from someone else's cyberoptics or recorders.

Techscanner: This device can be hooked up to the diagnostic systems of most vehicles, appliances and personal electronics to determine possible problems and troubleshoot breakdowns. Reliability is 60%. On a successful roll, the difficulty of a repair task is reduced by 3 (you know what's wrong, and you just have to fix it).

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