Grenades come in fragmentation, incendiary, stun, dazzle, sonic, concussion and gas varieties. Each type has its own area of effect, usually between 2 to 5 meters. Grenades and explosives can be detonated using timers, radio controls, tripwires or remote detonators. All grenade types are available in hand or rifle-propelled versions, and are described in the Area Effect Weapons & Grenade Table. Grenades may be thrown up to 10x the character's Body Type in meters (-10m for every extra kg. past the initial 1), or launched to a range of 225 meters.

Gas: Gas differs from other grenade effects in that it moves around. To use gas, first determine the point of impact. All targets within 3 meters are immediately affected.

On the next turn, determine which way the wind is blowing by rolling again on the Area Effect Table. Place the new area of effect. Any target within the first and second areas of effect must save vs the gas, as well as any targets in a straight line the width of the gas cloud between the two points. On the third turn, the gas dissappates.

Gas grenades have eitherfatal or incapacitating effects. To avoid the effects, the character must make a save; armor doesn't help (although filters or gas masks will). On a successful Save, he will take half effects (a -2 REF reduced to -1, 4D6 reduced to 2, etc.).

Type Effect Damage
Nausea Illness -4 REF
Teargas Tearing -2 REF
Sleep Drugs Sleep** None
Biotoxin I Death 4D6
Biotoxin II Death 8D6
Nerve Gas Death 8D10
**Half effect is drowsiness, -2 to all stats.


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