Shotguns fire a cloud of small metal pellets called a "pattern". The width of the pattern is based on the distance between the attacker and the defender. Any target in a straight path between attacker and intended target is also considered to be in the area of effect. Note: if something is between the path of the shotgun and its intended target, the intervening spaces behind that object are considered to be exempt from the effects of fire.

Range Size of Pattern Damage
Close, PB 1 meters 4D6
Medium 2 meters 3D6
Long 3 meters 2D6

Any target within the pattern will take damage based on the range (damage listed on the Weapons Table is based on maximum damage).

Example: Ripperjack opens up his shotgun on two boosters at medium range (pattern width=2m). He hits the first booster dead on. However, the second booster is within 1 meter of the first - the pattern overlaps him as well. Both take damage.

Shotguns are a very effective weapon in situations where aiming isn't critical. For instance, in six foot hallways, there would be no way for a target to escape taking wounds no matter how much his reflexes were boosted. However, shotguns are also limited to relatively short ranges and don't do a lot of damage on the individual pellet level.

Autoshotguns: One of the nastiest house to house weapons is the autoshotgun. In combat, you may make as many attacks as your weapon's rate of fire on Full auto. All shots must be within 1 meter of each other. Each attack has a -2 penalty for every additional shot past the first. However, when this means you can put five two-meter clouds of lead all over an area, a -4 or -6 penalty is a small price to pay. Autoshotguns are slow, bulky and have lousy range, but they are hell on wheels when it comes to house to house, short range combat.

Example: Ripperjack opens up with a CAWS, Firing 5 shots. He takes a -8 penalty to his attack roll to do this. He targets a 5 meter hallway, spacing his shots in I meter intervals. The hallway becomes Hamburger Heaven.

New Rule: The Armor-Piercing Effects of Shotgun Slugs

These projectiles have normal AP ability vs. all armors. Damage that penetrates Hard armor is not halved. Damage that penetrates Soft armor is halved as normal. This represents the concussive results of mass and impact by finned/saboted slugs.

10ga. slugs 5D6+3
12ga. slugs 4D6+2
20ga. slugs 3D6+1


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