Beam Weapons


Beam Weapons include lasers and microwave weapons. Powerful beam weapons, are extremely rare in the Cyberpunk universe (1 in 10 chance of availability, and even then only from major Corporations and/or governments).


Lasers have a rechargeable powerpack holding a total of 10 six sided dice of damage. You can use as little as 1D6 or as much as 5D6 in a single shot, until you have used all 10 dice. Lasers recharge from wall current at a rate of 1D6 per hour.

Example: Ripperjack has recently captured a laser from on Arasaka guard. He has 10D6 to work with; he dials the power grudge up to 5D6 and fires. At this rate, he'll only have one more shot before it's recharge time.


Microwavers are fired like any other ranged weapon, delivering 1D6 in bum damage. In addition, any target within 1 meter of the path of the beam must roll 1D6 on the microwaver side effects table to determine if there are electrical side effects on exposed cyberwear. Shielded cyberwearis not effected by electrical side effects.

Like lasers, microwavers recharge from a wall socket, taking one hour to reach a usable charge.

1 Cyberoptics short for 1D6 turns.
2 Neural pulse! if character has interface plugs, reflex boosts or other hardwiring, REF stat reduced by 1D6/2 until repaired.
3 Cyberaudio shorts for 1D6 turns.
4 Cyberlimb malfunction: Lose all use of cyberlimb for 1D10 turns. Roll 1D6 for limb, re-rolling if no cyberlimb limb is present:
1-2 Right Arm
3 Left Leg
4 Right Leg
5-6 Left Arm
5 Total Neural breakdown! Character reduced to twitching, epileptic fit for 1 D6/3 turns.
6 No Effect.


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