Unusual Ranged Weapons


These weapons are often used for crowd control, stealth missions and other situations where you want killing to be only one of the options, or where you want a limited number of targets eliminated quietly.


These are advanced versions of the "paintball" guns of the 1990's. Airguns can be loaded with poison, marking paint, drugs or acid.

Paint: Bruise damage only. Head hits have a 5 in 10 chance of blinding the target for 3 rounds with paint in the eyes, and a 4 in 10 chance of permanently destroying the eye.

Poison & Drugs: To avoid the effects, the character must make a save roll. On a successful save, damage is reduced by half.

Type Effect Damage
Hallucinogen Confusion -4 INT
Nausea Drugs Illness -4 REF
Sleep Drugs Sleep** None
Biotoxin I Death 4D6
Biotoxin II Death 8D6
Nerve toxin/gas Death 8D10
** Half effect it drowsiness, -2 to all stats.

Acid: Acid causes 1 D6 in acid damage per pellet. Although armor will stop this, the acid will eat away at the armor, reducing its SP by 1D6 per round, for a total of 3 rounds.

Example: Ripperjack hits armor SP 15 with two pellets. He roils 2D6 for a total of 7 points of damage. The first turn, the armor's SP is reduced to 8. The next turn, it's reduced to 1. The next turn, 6 points get through the armor and sear into the target's skin.


Tasers require the victim to make a save against stun. The save number is reduced by -2 for every successive shot in a three-turn time period. Tasers can be recharged from wall current, taking 1 hour to reach full charge.

Dart and Needleguns

Dartguns can be loaded with poison or drugs. Each hit does 1D6/2, plus effect of the drug or poison used (see Airguns, above).

Power Squirtguns

Power squirtguns can be loaded with drugs or acids. Effects are as with Airguns (above), with each "squirt" equal to 2 pellets.

Bows, Crossbows, Spears & Throwing Stars

Although they are not common, bows, crossbows, spears and throwing stars are available in the 2000s. These weapons are either thrown (using the character's Throwing Skill for shiriken, darts, knives and spears), or fired (using Archery Skill). All non-grenade thrown weapons have a range equal to the thrower's BODx3 in meters.

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