Okay, so the Armor didn't stop all of the damage, and your Body Type Modifier wasn't enough to shrug off the rest it's time to take a Wound.

The Wound section of the Hardcopy Form is used to record damage. For each point of damage taken, check off one box, moving from left to right, top to bottom. The top line of this section (marked LIGHT, SERIOUS, CRITICAL, MORTAL, etc.) tells the overall state of the character's health.


  • At a LIGHT wound level, a character suffers no penalties to his activities. He just hurts a lot ("it's only a flesh wound.")
  • At a SERIOUS wound level, the character will be at -2 to his REF stat for all actions. He's hurting, bleeding, and definitely hampered.
  • At a CRITICAL wound level, the character's REF, INT and CL stats are automatically reduced by half (round up). The character is holding his guts in with one hand and doing his damndest to stay in the battle.
  • If MORTALLY wounded, the character's REF, INT and CL stats are reduced to 1/3rd normal (divide by 3, rounding up). Most characters are already out of the action by now, and are quietly going about the business of expiring. Messily.

Special Wound Cases

Limb Loss: If a character takes more than eight points of damage to a limb area in any one attack, the area is severed or crushed beyond recognition. The character must make an immediate Death Save at Mortal 0. A head wound of this type will kill automatically.

Head Hits: A head hit always doubles damage.

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