The Body Type Modifier


The next step after Armor is to apply your character's Body Type Modifier to the damage. This is a special bonus which reduces the effects of damage, reflecting the stamina and general toughness of the character. Each time your character takes damage, subtract your Body Type Modifier from the total amount of damage before applying it to your character.

Very Weak -0
Weak -1
Average -2
Strong -3
Very Strong -4
Superhuman* -5
*Possible only with cybernetics

For example, say you took ten points of damage. If you were a Very Weak Body Type, you would take the full ten. But with a Very Strong Body Type, you'd only take (10-4=6) six points of damage.

The A. Swenson Memorial. He Shrugs Off Damage Like An Old Overcoat Rule: Occasionally, you'll encounter a situation where the combination of armor and Body Type Modifier will seem to reduce the damage done to zero or less. A Body Type Modifier may never reduce damage to less than one - in these cases, the character will automatically take 1 point of damage.

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