The Fast Draw or Snapshot


By declaring a fast draw (aka snapshot) at the start of the round, you automatically add +3 to your initiative roll, taking a -3 penalty to hit (you're rushing into combat instead of preparing carefully). You also may not take advantage of scope, sights or other aiming advantages. The martial arts or melee version of this technique is called the iai-jutsu or fighting strike.


Example: Ripperjack is faced with his long time enemy, Hargan. He knows Hargan has a higher REF than he does, so he elects to make on all out, blazing attack before the giant can get in a move. The snap shooting bonus will give him the +3 advantage he needs. Ripperjack's mono-katana arcs out in a searing iai-jutsu before Hargan can raise his own sword. Unfortunately, the -3 point penalty for snapshots works against Ripperjack, and his attack misses his opponent by a mile.

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