Hands & Feet


The basic cyberlimb comes without hands or feet attached, these are purchased separately, allowing the user to tailor the limb to his or her specific needs. These parts can be changed by unfastening a series of connection bolts, and reconnecting the new hand or foot (taking about four turns).

No, you can't put hands on legs and vice versa. Get a life.

Standard Hand: This resembles a normal hand four fingers and a thumb. The hand is covered superchromed or armored as part of the arm.

Ripper Hand: This is a normal hand with ripper blades mounted in the upper hand and wrist area.

Hammer Hand: This hand is made of hardened titanium and has a powerful explosive shell driven ram that acts like a jackhammer. You punch, the shell goes off driving the fist for ward with incredible velocity and power (1D10 damage). A port in the top ejects the shell and opens to receive a new one (replacements cost 3eb).

Buzz Hand: This hand can be pulled back to reveal small, spinning mono wires around a titanium hub. The high speed "weed wacker" shears through most materials like butter. Damage is 2D6+2 soft armors reduced 2 pts/hit.

Tool Hand: This hand's four fingers conceal small microtools: 1) screwdriver with changeable heads, 2) adjustable wrench, 3) battery-powered soldiering iron, 4) adjustable socket wrench The lower edge of the palm is hardened to make a dandy hammer.

Grapple Hand: This hand's ringers extend back wards to create a five fingered throwing grapple. A small spool in the wrist contains 30 meters of fine super strong line capable of supporting 200 lbs.

Extension Hand: This hand can extend from a telescoping wrist mount up to 1 meter. Can support up to 200 lbs.

Spike Hand: This hand contains a hardened titanium spike which telescopes out of the wrist and through the lower palm. Can be Poisoned and is useful for climbing. Damage is 1D6+3 AP.

Modular Hand: This unit contains: 1) Drug injector, 2) 1 meter garotte line extending out of fingertip, 3) One inch monomolecular blade for cutting, 4) Picklock In addition, there is a 2"x2" Palm Storage Space.

Talon Foot: This foot can extend narrow blades similar to scratchers for 1D6 damage. Treat as Edged weapon for AP damage.

Tool Foot: The toes of this foot contain 1) screwdriver with changeable heads, 2) adjust able wrench, 3) battery powered soldiering iron, 4) adjustable socket wrench, 5) wire saw blade.

Web Foot: Extends thin webs from either side of foot, as well as webs between toes. Doubles normal swimming speed, plus add +3 to Swimming skills.

Grip Foot: Toes of this foot can extend and curl around a 2" bar. The soles are covered in a tacky rubberized material for increased traction. Adds +2 to Climbing skills.

Spike Heel: A 6" spike projects from the heel of this foot, allowing the user to make deadly rear kicks (damage is 2D6 AP). Can be used for anchoring or climbing.

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