Registered Cybers


Although the Uniform Criminal justice Code of the United States says you must actually commit a crime before you can be arrested, this doesn't stop most police departments from practicing selective crime prevention (especially those departments run by Corporations). The Psycho Squad keeps tabs on who buys what and where through informants, monitors and hidden tech detectors scattered all over the city. They usually have a good idea what gangs are loading up on megaware and who's most likely to cross the line into psychohood in the near future. When a potential perp looks like he's getting too close, the Squad picks him up off the Street and offers him a choice. He can go on like he is and risk having an "accident" happen some dark night ("...we're just worried that some public-spirited citizen might, you know, take it upon himself to, well... you know... adjust your attitude..."), or you can get registered.

Registration is sort of like parole; you agree to see a cyberpsychologist for monitoring and analysis (regaining 2 points of HC per week until your original EMP is restored), and the squad implants a small transmitter into your cyberwear, allowing them to know your general whereabouts. Just in case. The police don't hassle you and the Squad doesn't automatically gun you down with 20mm cannon rounds if you boost a pack of Smash from the corner vend-mat.

It's rumored that some departments also implant a small explosive charge and a radio detonator, but we all know that's against the Criminal Code, don't we?

Besides, you don't have to register. But we thought you'd like to know. After all, there are those public-spirited citizens out there...

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