The Psycho Squad


Cyberpsychosis is a big problem in the 2000's. While state-sponsored therapy is an option, the hardest part is getting the patient into the psychologist's office. What do you do when a metal armored, cyberboosted maniac starts randomly killing people? If you're the Government, you organize a special squad of professional police with one job - to hunt down and capture or kill murderous cyberpsychos.

Cybersquads are common to most urban police departments, going under names like C-SWAT (Cybernetic Special Weapons & Tactical Squad), PSYCHE-DIV, CYB-Enforcement and MAX-TAC (Maximum Force Tactical Division). They are armed with the best in armor, commo equipment and vehicles. Most carry weapons that start at the light cannon range and up. They are, by nature, not very nice people.

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