This is the next most important purchase for the well-dressed punk. Most armors in the 2000's are made of epoxide laminates, plastic mesh weaves and thin metal or ceramic insert plates. They are light, but often bulky; each one has an Encumbrance Value (EV) which is subtracted from your character's REF, and a Stopping Power (SP), which refers to the ability of the armor to stop damage. The Stopping Power is subtracted from the amount of damage done by the hit. Armor includes:

Heavy leather (Jacket or Pants) SP=4
Good for road rash, stopping knives, etc. A good .38 slug will probably rip you to bits, however.

Kevlar T-Shirt/Vest SP=10
Can be worn unnoticeably under most street clothes. Will stop most rounds up to a .45 ACP.

Kevlar Armor Jacket SP=14 (Lt), 18 (Med) or 20 (Hvy)
Personal protection for the fashion conscious, these lightweight Kevlar jackets have nylon coverings that resemble normal jackets.

Helmet SP=14 (steel) or 20 (nylon)
Heavy duty protection for the head, standard for most military. Some are made of steel, others of kevlar and high impact plastics. Most (90%) have face shields with 1/2 the SP level as the rest of the helmet.

Flack Vest/Pants SP=20
Standard protection for combat soldiers, the flack vest is designed to stop small arms fire, grenade shrapnel, but only slow up assault rifle rounds.

Doorgunner's Vest SP=25
Heavy duty protection for stationary positions, like machinegun nests, helicopter doors, etc.

MetalGear SP=25
Laminated expoxide plate armor. Bulky and designed in modular sections, with helmet, arm & leg coverings, torso and back damshell.

Type of Armor Covers SP* EV** Cost
Cloth, leather Arms, Torso, possibly legs 0 +0 Varies
Heavy leather Arms, Torso, possibly legs 4 +0 50.
Kevlar T-Shirt, Vest Torso 10 +0 90.
Steel helmet Head 14 +0 20.
Light Armor jacket Torso, Arms 14 +0 150.
Med Armor jacket Torso, Arms 18 +1 200.
Flack vest Torso 20 +1 200.
Flack pants Legs 20 +1 200.
Nylon helmet Head 20 +0 100.
Heavy Armor jacket Torso, Arms 20 +2 250.
Door Gunner's vest Torso 25 +3 250.
MetalGear Whole Body 25 +2 600.

* Stopping Power (SP) refers to the ability of the ability of the armor to stop damage.
**AP rounds: treat all Armor as 1/2xSP V-Edged weapons treat SP as half t (EV) Encumbrance values should be added together and subtracted from character's total REF stat.

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