Old Guns Never Die


As late as the 1990's there were still used models of the venerable Beretta and Webley for sale (particularly in pawnshops and on the black market). The same can be as-sumed for 20th century weapons in 21st century- large numbers of "obsolete" weapons that can be found at reasonable prices in any pawn shop. Prices are usually half that of a comparable new weapon of the type, although final price is up to the Referee.

S&W Combat Magnum
P 1 J C 2D6+ 3 (.3S7) 6 2 VR

Designed for US Border Patrol use. the Combat Magnum is a popular choice among police officers. Its "small frame" and reliable action make it a best seller.

Liama Commanche
P 0 J C 4D6 (.44) 6 1 ST

An excellent .44 revolver, used in home defense and police work. It's long barrel makes it hard to conceal.

Colt .45 "Peacemaker"
P 0 J R 2D6+2 (.45) 6 1 VR

The gun "that won the West", the .45 was the most common US sidearm throughout the 1800's. A single action weapon, it must be cocked before firing, although later models had a flattened hammer allowing the gun to be fired by "fanning" the hammer.

Colt .38 Detective
P 1 J C 1D6+ 2 (.38) 6 1 VR

The most commonplace police weapon for many years, the Colt .38 has many variants, including the smaller "Chief's Special". With their high reliability, there are many of these guns still in circulation.

C.O.P. .357 Derringer
P 0 P C 2D6+3 (.357) 4 2 VR
Designed as a "holdout" for law enforcement agents, the COP uses a unique revolving firing pin arrangement. It's small size makes it easily hidden.

SMG 2 J C 2D6+1 (9mm) 30 20 VR

Developed by the Israelis as a reliable export weapon, the Uzi is used worldwide by security forces, the US Secret Service, police and (unfortunately) terrorists and drug dealers.

Vz61 Skorpion
SMG 2 J P 1D6 (.25) 20 25 VR

A standard military sidearm for the Soviet Bloc, the Skorpion is the worid's smallest military SMG. It's small ammunition size gives it excellent controllability. It is easily silenced and can be carried in a shoulder holster.

Ingram MAC 10
SMG -1 J C 2D6+2 (.45) 30 S UR

A very small SMG used by covert units and terrorists. It can be easily silenced. However, it's very large ammo size makes it very difficult to control when on full auto.

SMG 1 L C 2D6+1 (9mm) 30 20 ST

Two examples of the H&K family of interchangeable SMGs, both share parts and design similarities. The MP5K is a very small version of the MP55D3, which has a built in silencer.

Thompson M1
SMG 2 N C 2D6+2 (.45) 30 20 VR

Standard US military SMG during WWII, the Thompson is rugged, reliable and easy to use. The M1928 version, of gangster fame, was less reliable (UR), but could carry a 5O round drum magazine.

SMG 0 C R 4D6 (5.56) 30 20 ST

A bullpup configured SMG designed to be fired one handed. The Bushmaster uses the M-16A1 clip, making it technically closer to an assault rifle than a submachinegun.

RIF 0 N E 6D6+2 (7.56) 20 21 VR

Standard NATO rifle. A very deadly assault weapon, durable and handles well.

RIF 0 N E 5D6 (7.565) 30 20 VR

Standard Soviet military rifle, exported worldwide, particularly to Soviet client-slates. Reliable, rugged, but rather difficult to control, the AK-47 is probably the most well known weapon of it's type in the world.

M-16A & M-16A2
RIF 2 N C 4D6 (5.56) 30 25 UR

Standard US military rifle since the 1960's, the M-16 has high accuracy and a staggering ROF. A built in "tumble" effect compensates for the light 5.56 round. Earlier M-16 models were cantankerous and unreliable in the extreme, with an accuracy of 1, not 2. The Ar-15 and the AR-180 are civilian models used by police and home defense.

Styer Aug
RIF 2 N C 4D6 (5.56) 30 20 VR

A bullpup configured rifle using high tech plastics and aluminum, the AUG is the wave of the future. The scope is built in, giving it great accuracy, while it's rugged plastic construction gives it reliability and strength.

Winchester M70
RIF 3 N C 5D6+ 1 (30-06) 5 1 VR

A basic scoped hunting rifle, used to hunt deer.

SHG 0 N R 4D6 (00) 10 10 ST

Close in Assault Weapon, designed for house to house work, crowd suppression. Scope is built in. making it very accurate for type.

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