Fast Fortress Construction System


You know they're gonna do it; sooner or later, your Cyberpunkers are gonna blast right past the system you carefully con-structed to waste them, and take some side trip to the outback of the Net. "What do we find there?" they'll say, as you look at your notes and groan.

No problem. We gotcha covered. With a few fast rolls (and a judicious use of common sense; a system filled with office gossip files and ten Hellhounds is pretty bogus), you can be ready to tackle even the most wayward group.

1) Roll 1D6 to determine number of CPUs. Remember; for each CPU, the system's INT increases by 3. Also, for every CPU, gain four spaces of memory, one Code Gate and one terminal.

Note: If the INT of your system is 12 or greater, your system is an Artificial Intelligence (Al). To determine your AI's personality, roll 1D6 for each of the following tables:

1 Friendly, curious
2 Hostile, paranoid
3 Stable, intelligent, businesslike
4 Intellectual, detached
5 Machinelike
6 Remote and godlike


Reaction to netrunner
1-2 Neutral
3 Kill all intruders
4 Observe intruders, then act
5 Report all intruders
6 Talk to intruder to find intent


1 Human
2 Geometric
3 Mythological
4 Voice only
5 Technic
6 "Humanoid"

2) Determine Data Wall Strength. Strength is equal to 1D6/2 plus the number of CPU in the system (round down). Example: LTRA 1500 has three CPU. I roll a 4. LTRA's Data Walls are Strength 2+3=5.

3) Determine Code Gate Strength by rolling 1D6/2 + number of CPU for each one.

4) Pick 5 skills. Roll 1D6+4 for level of skill in each one.

5) Roll for types of files. For each memory, roll 2 times for type:

1 Inter Office
2 Database
3 Business Records
4 Financial Transactions
5 Grey Ops
6 Black Ops

Place each file in a memory of your choice.

6) Virtuals. Roll 1D6. On a 5 or 6, there is a virtual reality present. Roll another D6 for type:

1 Virtual Conference
2 Virtual Office
3 Virtual Rec-Area
4 Virtual Building
5 Virtual City
6 Virtual World

Roll 1D6 for level of realism:

1-2 Simple
3 Contextual
4 Fractal
5 Photorealistic
6 Superrealistic

7) Determine Defenses. Roll 1D6 + number of CPU for total defenses. For each one, roll 1 D10 for type, then 1 D6 for subtype;

1-4 Detection/Alarm
1-2 Watchdog
3-4 Bloodhound
5-6 Pit bull
5-6 Anti-IC
1-2 Killer (roll 1D6 for Str.)
3-4 Manticore
5-6 Aardvark
7-8 Anti-System
1 Flatline
2 Poison Flatline
3 Krash
4 Viral 15
5 DecKrash
6 Murphy
9-10 Anti-Personnel
1 Stun
2 Hellbolt
3 Brainwipe
4 Knockout
5 Zombie
6 Hellhound

8) Roll 1D6 for number of remotes. For each remote, roll ID 10 for type:

1 Microphone
2 TV camera
3 Extra Terminal
4 Videoboard
5 Printer
6 Alarm
7 Remote vehicle or robot
8 Automatic door, gate
9 Elevator
10 Manipulator or Autofactory

9) Pick any one of the 6 possible layout of data walls below or create your own. Plug your parts and programs into place and get ready to rock!

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