City Grids


Once you hit your target city, it's time to move to the City Grid map. This is an overall map of the city; much like a Realspace map, the City Grid Map shows the locations of important places in the city -in this case, important systems and Data Fortresses. You enter the City Grid map through the LDL ICON on the map, then move at five spaces per turn to where your target system is located.

We've given you a sample City Grid based on Night City. As a Referee, you'll want to construct your own City Grids; there's a blank map for this purpose as well. If you have a really large city, you may want to use several City Maps placed end to end.

Each Data Fortress on the City Grid has an identifying ICON on the City Grid Map. These ICONS are coded by the level of security the system is known to have.

Grey Systems: These systems utilize only Alarm and Detection programs. They include most City governments, Universities and small private businesses.
Level 1: These systems include small corporations, police services and large private businesses. Anti-IC programs are used in these systems, as well as Detection and Alarm programs.
Level 2: Anti-IC and anti system programs are used here. These systems include medium sized corporations and very large private businesses.
Level 3: These systems use non-fatal anti-personnel programs. Level three systems are usually operated by large corporations, state governments and other moderately powerful groups. These people don't want you in their systems, but they don't have the clout to waste you out of hand. They'll just hurt you and hand you over to NETWATCH.
Black Systems: These fortresses use fatal and non-fatal anti-personnel software. Black systems include multinational corporations and government agencies like the CIA. They know you have no business being in their system, and they don't care what your lawyers think about them. They're willing to bury both you and the ACLU in the landfill, and have the clout to do it.


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