Security Levels


If you're going to be making a legal long distance jump, going to New York is no problem. But face it; you don't want to spend a lot of euro on long distance charges. You want to run that old LONG DISTANCE LINK command on the Menu and blast on through.

That's where Security Levels come in. Each LDL is ringed with codes and defenses to keep you from logging free calls on In-ternet's phone tab. These defenses are reflected in the LDL's Security Code; a value you must roll a 1D10 value equal or higher than in order to scam the system. If you fail the roll, you've been caught. Worse, your actions may alert the ever-vigilant NETWATCH goons, who will track you down and drag you off to Death Valley Maxi-mum Security Prison. Roll 1D6 and see what happened:

1-4 You are cut off the line & are charged for the call.
5 You are cut off and NETWATCH is given your access code. Expect a friendly visit in Realspace soon.
6 The NetCops try to bust you on the spot (Roll 1D6)
1-2 They fine you 1D6x100eb.
3-5 You escape. They don't have a trace on you, but will spend 1D6+1 days patrolling that area of the Net hoping you'll show up.
6 You escape, but they issue an ANB (All Net Bulletin) on you. They know you're out there, and they're looking for you. It's only a matter of time...

Often, it's smarter to take the long way around when approaching a target city, moving through low security LDLs instead of jamming right through the high security ones.

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