Copying Your Programs, Changing Programs, Designing New Programs


Copying Your Programs

A smart idea. You can copy almost any program in your arsenal. All you need is the Backup utility, a data chip, and a chipreader to put it in. A single chip holds 1 MU, but Backup is designed to break a larger file up over two or more chips.

Chips cost 10.00. To copy the contents of the average deck will cost between 100 to 300 eb. Cheap at twice the price.

Note: Anti-IC and Anti-Personnel pro-grams cannot be Backup-copied; they have special copy-protection routines that erase the chip in the copy process. This makes sure you come back to your friendly local Fixer for a new copy of Hellhound when yours crashes. You can make a copy using your Programming Skill against a Task Difficulty of 28. But think what happens if you screw up...

Changing Programs

Chips are inserted into your deck before the start of the run. Once you're in the face, you're committed. However, if you're will-ing to dump out of the Net and abort the run, you can change chips (1 turn). You'll have to jack back in and retrace your steps, but this time when you meet that Brainwipe, you'll be ready.

Designing New Programs

Check out the Designing Your Own Programs Section for details.

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