Deck Options


In addition to your basic models, any type of deck can be enhanced by adding a few options.

Trode sets are self-sticking electrodes that allow you to run the Net without plugs. Trodes are slower than plugs (-2 to REF when in the Net), but have no humanity loss. They are commonly used by novice runners and by "tourists" visiting the Net on a lark.

Keyboards are an option which allow a Netrunner to control a deck indirectly. They are abysmally slow (-4 to REF), but are immune to all anti-personnel attacks except Firestarter.

Videoboards are flat screen, high definition TV monitors which can be used to show a Net's-eye view to outsiders.

Printers allow you to make hardcopy images and records from your deck. Most are small laser-printers about the size of a large book, using plain paper.

Chipreader/recorders use standard data chips (10eb each) to store programs, images and other useful things from your deck. They are about the size of a pack of cigarettes.

VoxBoxes are small speaker units that can synthesize sound from a deck. They can also be used by the Netrunner to talk to outsiders while he's in the Net. About the size of a pack of smokes.

Scanners are flat plastic plates with optical character reading and image recording capacity. They range from the size of a sheet of paper, all the way up to a meter on a side.

Option Cost
Trode set 10eb
Keyboard 100eb
Videoboard 100eb per sq. ft.
Printer 300eb
Chipreader 100eb
Extra Chips 10eb/ea
Vox Box 300eb
Scanner 100-300eb


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