One of the other benefits of the I-C Transformations are that they allow you to translate the signal of your cyberdeck into a visible representation in the Net. This representation of yourself is known as your ICON.

Most things in the Net have some kind of ICON; even if one isn't specified, the I-C formulas will create a polygonal form to represent them. Your ICON is your personal symbol; it's what other Netrunners will talk to and relate with when they encounter you in Netspace. Your ICON can look like anything you want it to: armored technowarrior, fantasy creature, bizarre shape or logo - even yourself. You can change your ICON any time you enter the Net. You can even disguise your ICON by using special programs for stealth and evasion. Choosing your ICON is one of the first things you'll decide when you jack in. Make sure it's got your personal style written all over it.

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