Exotic Fashion


Bodysculpt jobs that emphasize the alien or inhuman are known as Exotics. Vat-grown tails, furred skins, hooves, animal-like faces and ears, cats eyes and other semi human features are the highlights of this style. Exotic fashion is incredibly expensive, time consuming and usually a hobby among only the very rich and very bored. Prices are based on the individual enhancements.

Facial Sculpts combine vat-grown parts such as muzzles, whiskers, animal-like ears, manes and cat eyes with the patient's normal features. There are entire booster-gangs based around various animal motifs of this type. Cost: 5,000eb.

Tails are grown in vats, using gene bank tissue. They can be furred, tinted, scaled or bare skin. The tail is grafted to the base of the spine and linked to the nervous system by nanotech nerve threaders. Tails are relatively weak; they can pick up about a half pound. Cost: 3,000eb.

Hooves, claws and paws can be grafted to replace normal feet and hands. They are not as dexterous as normal digits (-2 to REF), but are occasionally included as part of a Exotic bodysculpt. Cost: 8,000 eb.

Skin alteration uses transform DNA to change the structure of the patient's skin. Using tailored DNA, the skin can be induced to grow patterned fur, light scales, or exotic skin colors. The big drawback is a 1 in 10 chance that the graft will mutate and develop into skin cancer. You get to pick the number. Cost: 10,000eb.

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