Nanotechnology and Tailored Antibodies


Nanotechnology involves the use of in-credibly tiny, psuedo-organic machines to perform minute surgical tasks. These tiny tools can be programmed to repair dam-aged cells with molecule-sized polymer threads, or to act as temporary bridges between mutilated nerve endings.

Combined with tailored antibodies, nanotech devices can speed healing to twice the normal rate (patients recover 1 point per day in addition to normal healing). A Light Wound for example, would be healed in two days, while a Mortal Wound 0 would completely heal in eight days. When combined with speed healing drugs, this rate is increased to 3 points per day, allowing the same mortally wounded character to be back in action in an unbelievable six days!

Here's the catch. Besides being expensive (1500 eb. per treatment) nanotech is available only in certain hospitals (1 in 10). But if you've got the money, it's the best option for getting back on the Street fast.

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