Medical Tech


Medical Tech skill assumes that the character has studied medicine in a professional setting. This gives him the ability to perform surgery, prescribe drugs, and know the proper treatment of injuries. He can replace damaged organs with vatgrown pieces, graft on new limbs, or install cyber-limbs. You cannot perform Medical Tech skills on yourself.

A character with Medical Tech skills makes a check as if using the First Aid skill, however, with Medical Tech, the patient will recover at the rate of 1 point per day. For example, a light wound would be healed in 4 days. A Mortal 3 wound would heal in 28 days. Using Medical Tech skills supersedes the use of First Aid skills; a patient on which both have been successfully performed regains points at the rate of 1 per day, not 1.5! As with First Aid, the patient regains no points until a successful roll has been made. However, second attempts may be made once per day until a successful roll is made.

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