Death State


But let's say your ripperdoc had a Medical Tech Skill of 2...

We can do some pretty amazing things these days. We can grow skin, blood, organs, limbs and muscle tissue in collagen-saccharide tissue tanks. Other parts, like toes, fingers, eyes and internal organs can also be purchased from the local Body Bank and grafted on with advanced micro-surgery. What we can't do is regrow souls. Once you're dead, you're dead.

Let's amend that: once you're DEAD 10, you're dead. Because twenty-first century medicine is so good at reviving the clinically dead, Trauma Team Inc. (the world's largest paramedical service, with offices worldwide), has established ten levels of death, each succeeding level a measure of how difficult it will be to revive the patient. This measuring system is called Death State. For every minute (six turns) that you are clinically dead, your death state increases by two levels. Example: 1 am killed at 9:00. Three minutes pass before the Trauma Team AV-4 arrives. 1 am now at Death State 6.

This is of critical importance to the dead Cyberpunk character. When the Trauma Team arrives, a roll must be made to determine if the patient can be revived. This roll, on 1D10, must be higher than the current Death State number, or the patient is a candidate for the Body Bank. On a successful roll, the patient is stabilized at his last Wound State and the process of healing can begin.

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