Vehicle Damage


Vehicles have both SP values and Structural Damage Points (SDP). If armored, the vehicle's SP is subtracted from the damage taken, with the remaining damage subtracted from the vehicle's SDP.

When a vehicle is reduced to 0 SDP, it is considered to be destroyed or inoperable, in this simplified system, there are no locations for damage - all points are subtracted directly from the vehicle's SDP.

Crashing & Ramming

Crash and ram damage is determined by dividing the speed of the moving vehicle by 20 (round down), to determine the number of six-sided dice thrown. This value is multiplied by a modifier based on the mass of the object collided with, listed in the Weight Modifier Table below. The vehicle takes this many dice in. damage to its SDP, while all occupants take one-half of this die amount.

Size Multiplier
Very Light (small box, feathers) . x.5 Light (man, large box) x1
Medium (motorcycle) x2
Heavy (car) x3
Very Heavy (truck, ground) x4


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