Vehicles In FNFF


Vehicles involve two elements. The first is control of the vehicle; the second is attacks and damage. Although a more realistic system is included in Solo of Fortune, this simple system will work for most cases.

a) Making a Control Roll: To control a vehicle you must roll a combination of your


equal to or greater than a specific control number. The control number is determined by the difficulty of the maneuver you want to perform.

Simple (swerve, take off or land, hover, rotate) 15
Difficult (tight turn, control a skid, recover from a stall, emergency stop, pull out of dive, reverse or pull away) 20
Very Difficult (bootlegger turn, regain control from spin) 25

b) When making your roll: you must add any and all modifiers that apply to the situation to your final Control Roll. There are modifiers for both vehicles and speed of travel:

Standard car -0
Limousine -3
Sportscar +2
AV-4 -2
AV-6 +2
AV-7 +1
Motorcycle +1
Truck -4
Rotorcraft -0
Osprey -0
Boat -1
Double safe speed -2
Triple safe speed -4
Four times safe speed -6

On a failed roll, roll 1D6 and consult the Control Loss Table below:

Roll Result
1-2 Skid or slew; no other result.
3-4 Major skid; slide 1D10x10 feet sideways in direction of travel. Aircraft stalls, losing 1D10x50 feet of altitude.
5-6 Roll ground vehicle after sliding 1D10x10 feet sideways in direction of travel; take 5D6 damage. Aircraft goes into spin, lose 1D10x100 feet of altitude.


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