Explosives vary from grenades in that the more you use, the bigger the blast area. Explosive amounts are defined as units; one unit of TNT would equal one stick; one unit of plastique would be an ounce, etc.

Explosive Unit Area Damage
Plastique 1kg 4m 7D10
C6 1kg 5m 8D10
TNT 1stick 3m 4D10

Take the area covered by one unit of explosive and multiply this by the total number of units. Damage is applied to the overall body, rather than to a location.

Example: Ripperjack lumps four sticks of TNT together and tosses them into on abandoned building 10 meters away. One stick has a blast area of 3 meters - 4x3=12 meters. Ripperjack is caught in his own explosion and takes big damage. Bad move, Jack.

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