Ambushes & Backstabs


Sometimes, the best way to deal with a very powerful opponent is to get the drop on him from behind; in short, setting an ambush. Ambushes gain a +5 to hit advantage. You may ambush or backstab by announcing your intent to hide or lie in ambush for a target. You can elect to set up an ambush any time:

a) The opponent is unaware of your location and your intention to attack. This can be accomplished by setting up a hiding place ahead of time or taking advantage of a melee to get under cover and waiting for a shot. A victim of an ambush must make an Awareness roll greater than your Stealth Skill + INT + 1D10, or you have automatically succeeded.

b) The opponent's attention is on another situation, such as another attack or a task requiring great concentration. This can be accomplished by creating a distraction for your opponent, or by sneaking up on him while he is in combat with another combatant.


An ambush doesn't mean you act first - it just means you have an attack advantage. Initiative for the round is made as usual, and the ambushing character can spring the trap on his part of the round or can wait to see what develops before making his attack. Until the attack is made, his opponent may not attack him, because he doesn't know he's in danger. An ambush may only be used for one attack; another ambush must be set up before the bonus can be employed again.

Example: Ripperjack decides to set up an ambush in a dark alley of the City. He rolls his Stealth Skill + lnt + 1D10 for a total of 18. Along come Scarr and Hargan, his mortal enemies.

At the start of the combat turn, initiative is Scarr, Ripperjack and Hargan. As they enter the trap, both Scarr and Hargan make Awareness Rolls. Scarr's roll is 12; Morgan's is 20. "It's a trap'' yells Hargan, but too late; Scarr didn't know what was coming and couldn't declare an attack or defense. Ripperjack pegs him with a shot from his H&K Hellfire, using the +5 Ambush bonus. He won't get the bonus on Hargon, because the blond giant mode his Awareness roll and spotted him. His second shot misses, and Horgon throws himself down behind a wrecked car and opens up with his 20mm autocannon. Savage fades down the alleyway to set up another trap.

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