Linear Frames


Linear frames are the 2020 version of the exoskeleton. An exoskeleton is basically a metal framework with synthetic muscles for movement; you sit in the exoskeleton and steer while it does the work. Early exoskeletons were rarely used for anything important; clumsy and hard to control, hapless operators often tossed half-ton cargo modules through walls and ripped loading doors off hinges. It was not until the advanced bio-feedback systems of the 2000's that the more practical linear frame could be developed.

A linear frame resembles a suit of contoured metal body armor. The frame is grafted onto your body, while its systems are directly neurolinked to your muscles and bones. Linear frames are designed to take over a percentage of the load, while leaving you enough "work" to allow you to gauge how much you're lifting and maintain control of the weight.

For example, if you exert enough force to lift ten pounds, the linear frame provides no more power than would be required to move its own bulk. If you lift a hundred pounds, the linear frame splits the difference, lifting 20% of this mass so that you lift 80 Ibs. If you lift 500 pounds, the linear frame takes 80% (400 Ibs), leaving you to lift 100 Ibs. At the top end of the scale (almost 1800 Ibs for Linear Omega), the frame lifts 90% of the weight, while you only lift about 180 lbs.

But hey, you didn't come here for a physics lesson, right? You wanna know how much you can pick up and throw around.

Linear frames come in three strengths. When using the linear frame, you will use its strength value instead of your normal Body Type value for any lifting, bending, carrying or breaking task. Remember; for all their advanced construction, implanted linear frames are still quite heavy (50-100 kg) and bulky. You can't swim in them, and they have a -1 penalty to your REF. But if you want to toss a car out of the way, they're just the ticket. All linear frames lift 50x their Strength value. (Example: Sigma can dead lift 600 kg.).

Frame Strength Damage Modifiers
Linear Sigma 12 +4
Linear Beta 14 +6
Linear Omega 16 +8


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