It's hip and aware to have high tech grafted onto your body somewhere. If you can afford it, you probably have at least a couple of "enhancements"; a few software chips installed in your nervous system to interface with your computer, remember your appointments (the ever popular Daytimer chip for example), and improve your raquetball reflexes. If you're cybered up you probably have interface plugs to operate computers and vehicles mentally. Maybe your eyes are cyberoptics with a recording function and the latest iris tint (polychrome is in this year), or your hearing is boosted to better hear the gossip in the Executive Lounge.

If your job involves some type of security or combat function (and most occupations of the 2000's have at least some type of combat aspect), you probably have two or three types of combat software, as well as plugs and interfaces for a smartgun. As a Solo, you may have had one or more limbs replaced with cyberware prosthetics, allowing you to hide a variety of tools and weapons in your body, as well as giving you an edge in speed and strength.

As a cyberpunk, you're going to want to get your hands on the best of this exciting and expensive new tech. And expensive is the word. The average enhanced character with, say, one cyberoptic (Targeting scope & IR enhancement), a reflex boost, one superchromed arm with a .25 cal submachinegun, interface plugs and chipware for Martial Arts, Rotorwing Pilot and Handgun is an investment of tens of thousands of euro.

Of course, the ambitious Punk already knows at least twenty-five ways (most of them illegal) to raise that sort of paltry sum.

But before you start loading up, there's a catch.

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