2020 Gear List


Following Is a list of useful Items for the cyberpunk on the move.

Pants 20.같 Keylock 20.같 per level
Top 15.같 Cardlock 100.같 per level
Jacket 35.같 Vocolock 200.같 per level
Footwear 25.같 Line Tap 200.같
Jewelry 10-100.같 CodeDecryptor 500.같
Mirrorshades 5-50.같 VocDecryptor 1,000.같
Contact Lenses 100.같 Security Scanner 1,500.같
Glasses 50.같 Poison Sniffer 1,500.같
** Multiply base cost by style:   Jamming Transmitter 500.같
Generic Chic 1 x cost Scanner Plate 500.같
Leisurewear 2 x cost Movement Sensor 40.같
Businesswear 3 x cost Passcard 10.같
High Fashion 4 x cost Tracking Device 1,000.같
Urban Flash 2 x cost Tracer Button 50.같
TOOLS   Remote Sensors 700.같
Techscanner 600.같 PlasKuffs 100.같
Cutting torch 40.같 Stripwire Binders 5.같
Tech Toolkit 100.같 MEDICAL  
B & E Tools 120.같 Dermal Stapler 1,000.같
Electronics Toolkit 100.같 Spray Skin 50.같 per can
Protective Goggles 20.같 Slap Patch Varies by
drug type
Flashtube 2.같 Cryotank 100,000.같
Glowstik 1.같 Medkit 50.같
Flash Paint 10.같 per ft. Surgical Kit 400.같
Flash Tape 10.같 per ft. First Aid Kit 10.같
Rope 2.같 釣r ft. Medscanner 300.같
Breathing Mask 30.같 Drug Analyser 75.같
Holo Generator 500.같 Clinic Visit 200.같
Video Board 100.같 per
sq. ft.
Day in Hospital 300.같
Data Chip 10.같 Day in Intensive Care 1,000.같
Logcompass 50.같 Clone Limb Replacement 1,500.같
Digital Recorder 300.같 FURNISHINGS  
Digital Camera 150.같 Nylon Carrybag 5.같
VideoCam 800.같 Sleeping Bag 25.같
Video/Audio Tape Player 40.같 Inflatable Bed 25.같
VideoTape 4.같 Futon 90.같
Pocket TV 80.같 Real Wood Furniture 200.같 per piece
Digital Chip Player 150.같 Synthetic Furniture 100.같 per piece
Digital Music Chip 20.같 Apartment Cube 5,000.같
Electric Guitar 100-500.같 Lamp 20.같
Electronic Keyboard 200-900.같 Cleaning Bot 1,000.같
Drum Synthesizer 200-800.같 Vocal Switcher System 100.같
Amplifier 500-1000.같 VEHICLES  
DATA SYSTEMS   Scooter 500.같
Laptop Computer 900.같 Motorcycle 1,500.같
Pocket Computer 100.같 CityCar 2,000.같
Cybermodem Varies by
Small Subcompact 6,000.같
Cellular Cybermodem Varies by
Medium Sedan 10,000.같
Interface Cables 20-30.같 Sportscar 20,000.같
Low Impedance cables 60.같 Luxury Sedan 40,000.같
Trode Set 20.같 Note: 2x cost for cybercontrols  
Keyboard 100.같 LIFESTYLE  
Terminal 400.같 Cell Phone Service 100.같 month
COMMUNICATIONS   Standard Phone Service 30.같 month+
Mastoid Commo 100.같 Pay Phone Call 50 ? per minute
Pocket Commo 50.같 Data Term Use 1.같 per minute
Cellular Phone 400.같 CredChip Account 20.같 per month
Mini Cell Phone 800.같 Health Plan 1,000.같 per month
SURVEILLANCE   Trauma Team Acct. 500.같 month
Binoglasses 200.같 Air 5.같 per minute
Binoculars 20.같 Mag Lev Chit 25 ? per station
Light Booster Goggles 200.같 Taxi 3.같 per mile
IR Goggles 250.같 AV-Taxi 10.같 per mile
IR Flash 50.같 Cable TV 40.같 per month
Movie 10.같 Kibble 50.같 per week
VCR/Chip Rental 4.같 Generic Prepak 150.같 per week
Braindance 20.같 Good Prepak 200.같 per week
Live Concert/Sports Event 50.같 Fresh Food 300.같 per week
Fast Food Meal 5.같 HOUSING **  
Well Drink ** 3.같 Coffin 20.같 per night
Restaurant Meal ** 20.같 Hotel Room 100.같 per night
** Multiply by level of restaurant or bar:   Apt./Condo 200.같 room/
per month
Fair 1 x cost House 1500.같
Good 2 x cost Multiply base cost by location:  
Excellent 3 x cost Combat Zone 1 x cost
    Moderate Zone 2 x cost
    Corporate Zone 4 x cost
    Executive Zone 6 x cost
    Utilities 100.같 month
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