Inventing New Skills


You can also invent new skills to cover new needs, should you want to do so. To do so, you must first convince the Referee of your game to let you have that skill. You and the Referee should work together to deter-mine:

1) Exactly what does this skill allow you to do?
2) How (according to your character conception) did you acquire this skill?
3) What are the specific limits of this skill (what can't I do with it?).
4) What stat is this skill connected to and why?

Referees should be careful to make sure that player skills are neither too specific ("Shoot .45 Caliber Handgun With Laser Sight"), or too general ("Shoot Anything Well"). You should insist on a middle ground which covers a general ability to use the skill, yet does not give the player an unreasonable advantage in all possible situations ("Shoot Handguns"). The Referee is always the final arbiter of decisions on skills.


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