Starting Skills


There are two types of starting Skills: Career Skill Packages and Pickup Skills:

The Career Skill Package is a group of skills that are known by your character as part of his or her Career. They're basics - Rockers know how to play instruments, Solos know how to shoot guns, etc. A starting character receive 40 points to distribute among his Career Skills. He may not use these points on his Pickup Skills, although he can choose to use future Improvement Points to Improve a Career Skill at any later time. He does not have to put points into all of his Career Skills (but it's a good idea - you never know).

Important: It is required that one of your character's Career Skills be the Special Ability for his or her class. These Skills are unique to the class and reflect abilities and resources only that particular class possesses. Example are the Authority of Cops which allows them to use the weight and powers of Law or the Charismatic Leadership which allows a Rockerboy to convince a crowd to get down and party - or get out and riot. The number of points you put into your Special Ability (up to, but not greater than 10) reflects your position in your chosen field and the development of your unique career skill. Because of this, your Special Ability also determines you have to start with.

Obviously while spreading those Career Points around it's going to be pretty tempting tot make yourself a wealthy Superstar, but remember a Rocker with lots of Charismatic Leadership and no performance skills will find that things can get ugly fast. They may love you but they paid 60 eb for those tickets so you'd better be smokin'.

Example: As a Rockerboy, Johnny Silverhand began with the following package:

Charismatic Leadership +6
Notice +3
Perform +5
Style +4
Composition +4
Brawling +2
Play Instrument +5
Streetwise +3
Persuasion +5
Seduction +3



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