Special Abilities are skills usable only by specific character Roles; for example, Rockerboys have the Special Ability of Charismatic Leadership, which represents the vast amount of power they have over their legions of fans. Special Ability, you will add it's value to the specific stat as if it were a skill.

Rockerboy Special Ability: Charismatic Leadership.
This skill allows the Rocker to sway crowds equal to his ability level squared times 200.

Solo Special Ability: Combat Sense.
Added to all Initiative and Awareness checks, this makes the Solo the fastest reacting person in a situation.

Netrunner Special Ability: Interface.
This Skill reflects the Netrunner's ability to manipulate Interface programs, and is the skill used when operating Menu functions such as Locate remote, Run Software, Control Remote, LDL Link, Load, Create and Delete. Other players can enter the Net, but can't use the Menu.

Techie Special Ability: Jury Rig.
This general repair skill allows the Techie to temporarily repair or alter anything for 1D6 turns per level of skill.

Medtech Special Ability: Medical Tech.
This is the skill used to perform major surgery and medical repairs.

Media Special Ability: Credibility.
The ability to have people believe what you are saying while in your on-air persona.

Cop Special Ability: Authority.
The ability to intimidate or control others through your position as a lawman.

Corporate Special Ability: Resources.
This represents the Corporate's ability to command corporation resources. It is used as a persuasion skill, based on scale of resources requested.

Fixer Special Ability: Streetdeal.
The ability to locate people, information, etc. This is a higher form of making a connection; instead of knowing only one person, you have connections everywhere. In game play, a successful use of Streetdeal allows you to locate and acquire a desired person, place or thing.

Nomad Special Ability: Family.
This allows the Nomad to call in as many Family members to aid him as his current Family Ability level x 2.

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